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Dark Ouija Board

Though the Ouija board is by far the most popular talking board manufactured, it certainly wasn't the only one. Besides the many versions of the Ouija board, William Fuld and his children also made the Oracle board later became the Mystifying Oracle. Elijah J. Bond who filed for the first patent on the Ouija board went on to create the Nirvana board. Charles W. Kennard whom the first company to produce Ouija boards was named after, the Kennard Novelty Company, tried his hand at both the Volo and Igili talking boards. William Fuld and Col. Washing Bowie answered his competition with a unique marketing strategy and employed the help the Espirito talking board. The most famous relative of the Ouija board is Isaac Fuld's Oriole board which was the result of the Fuld family feud.

As you can see, the Ouija board has a big family. Many of its siblings are still popping up today and because they were produced so long ago it’s always exciting to find another Ouija relative.

Luckily, there are a few of us Ouija board collectors out there. Since no one collector has every board ever manufactured we have asked some of the collectors to share their most prized possessions. The result is the most complete display of William Fuld and associate talking boards ever shown in one place. When a picture is used that is not ours we will say so and add a link to that collector's site if they have one. Please follow those links to explore their website and tell them we sent you. If you have one of these Ouija siblings or know of another long lost Ouija relative we're missing please contact us and let us know.

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