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February 2nd 1893
The Baltimore Sun — Baltimore, Maryland
(Copyright © Reprinted with permission from the Baltimore Sun)

Fire at a Novelty Manufactory. The premises 909 East Pratt street, occupied by the Kenwood Novelty Company, were badly damaged by fire yesterday. An alarm was sent in from box 145 at 9:05 A. M. The fire started in the first story and is supposed to have been caused by a broken stovepipe. The company manufactures ouija boards and other games and novelties. Col. Washington Bowie is the manager. The stock and material used in manufacture were nearly destroyed, entailing a loss of about $5,000. Four thousand dollars insurance was upon the stock, placed by G. Howard Williams. The building, which is owned by the Samuel Ready estate., was damaged about $2,500, and is covered by insurance. St. Leo’s Parochial School, in the rear of the burned building, was threatened, and the pupils were hurriedly dismissed.