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February 25th 1927
The Baltimore Sun
(Copyright © Reprinted with permission from the Baltimore Sun)

Support Gives Way While He Is Helping Erect Flagpole Atop Factory.

“Spirit” Board Inventor And Toy Manufacturer Formerly Was Customs Inspector

William Fuld, toy manufacturer and inventor of a “spirit communications” board, died yesterday afternoon at St. Joseph’s Hospital from injuries he received earlier in the day when he fell three stories to the street from the roof of his toy factory at Harford and Lamont avenues.

He was 54 years old and lived at 1306 North Central avenue.

Support Gives Way.
Mr. Fuld had gone to the roof of the building to superintend the replacement of a wornout flagpole. He was standing near the edge of the roof, balancing himself by grasping an iron support of the pole, according to workmen when the support pulled from its moorings and Mr. Fuld toppled over backwards and fell from the roof.

He was picked up by James Brady, an employee of the company, and taken to the hospital, where physicians found that he was suffering from concussion of the brain, five fractured ribs, broken arms and a fractured leg.

Mr. Fuld was born in 1872 and was married in 1893 to Miss Anna Smith, of Baltimore.

Served As Customs Inspector.
He was appointed Inspector of Customs in President Cleveland’s administration and served in that capacity for twenty-eight years. He was a Democrat.

He retired several years ago from the customs service to devote his time to the invention and manufacture of toys. He is the holder of approximately forty-five patents in this country and abroad.

Besides his widow, Mr. Fuld is survived by his two sisters, Miss Lillian and Miss Violet Fuld; three sons, William Andrew Fuld, Paul Ambrose Fuld and Hubert Harris Fuld, and two daughters, Miss Carrie and Miss Catherine Fuld.