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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

212 West 109th Street
New York, N. Y.
April 15, 1914

Mr. Fuld

Dear Sir:

About a year ago I was given one of your Ouija boards by an old lady who had it for many years. I became very much interested in it. At first it required two persons to get any writing then I could get it alone. Now for a long time I have let no one touch it but myself. I simply lay it on a table and with one hand. It begins writing at once and and very rapidly just as fast as I can read it. To me it is a marvelous thing most wonderful. It has gone back over my life as the film of a moving picture would be unrolled and has explained so many things to me to me that I did not understand that have happened in my life. It tells me nothing of the future only that I must be patient, and all will come as I wish.

I am writing this to ask you if you could tell me any more about it confidentially of course. Does “Ouija” mean Jesus?

It seems to me that I went from plane to plane, each time I seemed to know was a better spirit writing until now I feel there is a most high one. I have had many friends buy them. But tell them to go to them in love and veneration as one would go in the presence of something most high and good. They all have found it most wonderful. Please pardon this long letter from a stranger and allow me to thank you for many hours of great peace and happiness brought to me though this Ouija.

Louise W. Ingram