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Cryptique A Spirit Board from Salem, Massachusetts
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Cryptique Spirit Board

Cryptique® is a spirit board from Salem, Massachusetts. However, its roots go back to Baltimore, Maryland and its bloodline can be traced directly to the family that brought you the original Ouija board. Cryptique was the brainchild of Kathy, the granddaughter of William Fuld, and William Fuld and Ouija historian Robert Murch. With Robert's knowledge of Ouija board trends of the past and Kathy's creative bloodline, Cryptique was destined for greatness. Kathy came up with the name, and Robert came up with the board's layout. It was fashioned after William Andrew Fuld's Electric Mystifying Oracle. Together they turned to graphic designer Deborah Norris to illustrate Cryptique and bring it to life. The inspiration for Cryptique's gravestone artwork came from two local graveyards, the Old Burial Hill in Marblehead and Old Burying Point in Salem Massachusetts. They then began work with Christian Day, a talented web designer, who began designing its home on the web. Christian would later take over as graphic designer working with Cryptique through four runs of production.

On January 6th 1999 Kathy and Robert filed for a trademark No. 2,466,218 on the word Cryptique and two copyrights on its directions and on the layout of the board. They then incorporated in Maryland under the name Thomas & Long, LLC. On October 14th 1999 they assigned the interests of those registrations to that company.

That next year Kathy decided to step back from the company and become Cryptique's biggest fan. Robert and his then fiance, Gary Halteman, incorporated in Massachusetts as Spirited Ventures Inc. On September 9th 2000 Thomas & Long, LLC assigned the Cryptique trademark and both copyrights to Spirited Ventures, Inc. They also registered a new trademark No. 2,496,185 on Let The Spirit Move You®. This mark became Cryptique's tag line and appeared on its planchette or seer . With that move to Massachusetts Cryptique officially became “A Spirit Board from Salem, Massachusetts” which appeared on the front of its box as well.

Full fledged production of Cryptique began in 2000 and the last run was manufactured in 2004. For five years, Cryptique filled the shelves of toy and new age stores and was even picked up by amazon and Yet by late 2004 life was getting full for Robert and Gary. By 2005 Robert and Gary decided to stop Cryptique's production and put it to rest. Will Cryptique rise again? For that you'll just have to ask Cryptique.

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