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Oriole Talking Board
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Oriole Talking Board

Like others before him, Isaac Fuld couldn't escape the allure of the talking board. After the demise of Isaac Fuld and Brother in 1901 he produced Ouija boards with his name on it. After receiving an injunction against doing so by his brother, William Fuld, he stopped. In 1904 he came up with a new name and called his talking boards Oriole boards. These boards were created from the very Ouija board stencils the brothers used to make Ouija boards from 1898-1901. Isaac cut out the word Ouija and replaced it with his new Oriole mark. He began by sending out samples and as demand grew so did his business. Isaac formed the Southern Toy Company around 1919 and began trading under that name. From 1901-1920 Isaac and his brother William would battle in court. Isaac's Oriole talking board didn't help matters any. In the end, a judge decided that William had the sole right to manufacture Ouija boards and Isaac was again forced to stop production. The Oriole talking board was the last talking board Isaac would make. Though he began using this mark in 1904 he didn't properly secure the trademark (No. 132,378) until June 22th 1920. Other than the name Oriole this board is an exact copy of early Ouija boards produced by the Kennard Novelty Company, Ouija Novelty Company, and Isaac Fuld and Brother. Manufactured circa 1904-1920.

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