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Isaac Fuld & Brother
20 North High Street, Baltimore, Maryland
Isaac Fuld & Brother began with a verbal agreement in November of 1897 between William Fuld and his brother Isaac Fuld. On July 18th 1898 the Ouija Novelty Company signed an agreement with William and Isaac, trading as Isaac Fuld and Brother to manufacture and sell Ouija boards for the term of three years. William and Isaac used this agreement to make Ouija boards and other novelties. In 1899 the two expanded their agreement to include payments to Isaac for extra labor. They used the same location of 20 North High Street to run their business and continued to pay royalties to both Harry Welles Rusk and Col. Washington Bowie.

On March 28th 1900 the brothers revisited their partnership below.
“This is to certify that Wm. Fuld and Isaac Fuld (Both of Baltimore City) have this day entered into a partnership, in the manufacture and sale of games etc. known as Ouija, U.C. Billies Return Pool & U.C. Billies Calculator etc. That they have agreed to do business on equal profits except that in addition to the above, Wm. Fuld shall receive ten cents per Dozen royalty on the Return Pool & ten cents per dozen on the Calculator. And for this consideration he shall let remain in the business the sum of five hundred dollars, to be used in defraying expenses for the material, in the manufacture of the said games.”

Unfortunately, the business and their relationship did not last. William and Isaac's partnership was verbally terminated in June of 1901 and coincidentlly on July 18th 1901 the Ouija Novelty Company's three year agreement expired. The Ouija Novelty Company then signed a new agreement exclusively with William Fuld. Whether or not William and Isaac had a falling out that led to this decision, or that act itself caused their bad feelings it would result in a family feud that would last almost a century. William founded his own company named the William Fuld Manufacturing Company with its headquarters at his home at 1208 Federal Street. Isaac continued making Ouija boards and put his name and address on its box as well as on the back of the board. William went to court and promptly received an injunction against Isaac prohibiting him from making Ouija boards and any other patented game William owned.

Beginning in 1904 Isaac manufactured look alike Oriole talking boards out of his home address of 1319 Ensor Street. He later founded the Southern Toy Company at 2002 Homewood Avenue. In 1920 William Fuld won the sole right to manufacture Ouija boards after an almost twenty year court battle between the brothers.